Source code for gluoncv.utils.version

"""Utility functions for version checking."""
import warnings

__all__ = ['check_version']

[docs]def check_version(min_version, warning_only=False): """Check the version of gluoncv satisfies the provided minimum version. An exception is thrown if the check does not pass. Parameters ---------- min_version : str Minimum version warning_only : bool Printing a warning instead of throwing an exception. """ from .. import __version__ from distutils.version import LooseVersion bad_version = LooseVersion(__version__) < LooseVersion(min_version) if bad_version: msg = 'Installed GluonCV version (%s) does not satisfy the ' \ 'minimum required version (%s)'%(__version__, min_version) if warning_only: warnings.warn(msg) else: raise AssertionError(msg)