Prepare Multi-Human Parsing V1 dataset

Multi-Human Parsing V1 (MHP-v1) is a human-centric dataset for multi-human parsing task. It contains five thousands images annotated with 18 categories. This tutorial helps you to download MHP-v1 and set it up for later experiments.


You need 850 MB free disk space to download and extract this dataset. SSD harddrives are recommended for faster speed. The time it takes to prepare the dataset depends on your Internet connection and disk speed. For example, it takes around 1 mins on an AWS EC2 instance with EBS.

Prepare the dataset

We will download and unzip the following files:

File name


850 MB

The easiest way is to run this script:


If you have already downloaded the above files and unzipped them, you can set the folder name through --download-dir to avoid downloading them again. For example

python --download-dir ~/.mxnet/datasets/mhp/LV-MHP-v1

Total running time of the script: ( 0 minutes 0.000 seconds)

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